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The New Brighton Residents Association posts regular updates and news, which can be seen here.

Update on Tool Shed

Please see the below image for the update on the NBRA Tool Shed.

NBRA Annual Fees

The infographic below has been created to provide a visual timeline to assist with meeting important deadlines. Additional questions or concerns can be directed to the General Manager by calling 403-781-6608 or via email:  

Tennis Courts Are Opening Soon!

The Tennis Courts will be opened on April 10th for residents and their guests! Residents must pre-book the tennis court for 30-minute time intervals, by calling 403-781-6613 ext 1. Available slots from 9:30am-8:30pm daily.  

Easter Weekend Hours

The administration phone will be answered during the times below for all inquiries. Friday, April 2nd - CLOSED  Saturday, April 3rd - 10am to 3pm Sunday, April 4th - 10am to 3pm Monday, April 5th - 2pm to 9pm Stay safe and healthy, New Brighton and Happy Easter! 🐰  

Tool Shed NOW Open!!

The New Brighton Tool Shed is available for curbside pick up Monday-Thursday 8am-5:30pm commencing today. Please email to book your item and pick-up time with a minimum of 24 hour notice. An NBRA team member will respond to confirm your appointment as soon as possible, with the required documentation. Electronically signed waivers must be received prior to your arrival.

NBRA Annual Fees

To view the full breakdown and timetable of your NBRA Annual Fee's, please click here! 

Rinks Closed for the Season!

With the beautiful weather Calgary has experienced over the past weeks. The Pleasure & Hockey Rink ice surface has melted significantly causing the rinks no longer safe to be skated on. Both the Pleasure & Hockey Rink are closed for the season. Thank you for all the support from our residents this season! We look forward to opening the Splash Park, Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts, and Volleyball Courts as soon as weather permits!

Both Rinks Closed!

As beautiful as the sunshine is.... It has caused very unsafe skating conditions on both rinks, causing both to be CURRENTLY CLOSED.  Please check back here later in your day, in case weather conditions allow them to be re-opened!  Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Hockey Rink Open!

Updated on Feb 24th at 9:00am: The NBRA's Maintenance Team was able to successfully get the Hockey Rink back up but due to the warm weather the Pleasure Rink does remain closed!  If you have booked a time slot for this evening on the rinks you will be contacted by one of the NBRA Customer Service Representative confirming the cancellation.  We thank you for your cooperation as we work on getting the rinks back up!

Hockey Rink Open

Please note the Hockey Rink will be back up at 6:45pm today, Feb 20th! Be sure to book your time slot!   The NBRA thanks you for your understanding and cooperation!

Both Rinks Closed

Due to the heavy snowfall both rinks are closed from 5pm onward. The NBRA team will be working hard this evening to have them back up for tomorrow morning!

Important information regarding sticks and pucks

As of Friday, Jan 29, 2021... Sticks & Pucks are back!   The NBRA is pleased to announce that the use of sticks and pucks will once again be permitted on the NBRA rink, as of Friday, January 29, 2021.  Nets will be available for timeslots on: Fridays 2:30pm - 9pm & Saturdays/Sundays from 11:30am - 9pm.   To help enforce the current hockey rink rules, a rink monitor will be stationed at the rink to ensure the following: *Physical distancing of 2 meters (6 ft) between each household is maintained at all times *Shinny & hockey games are NOT occurring *All skating is one-directional *Pucks are not being "hammered" "slapped" "ripped" or "shot" across the ice *Passing of pucks occurs only between household members   Please be kind, respectful and compliant with these rules that exist to help keep you safe!  The NBRA will be monitoring the success of these new measures and may need to make further adjustments if troubles persist.

Hockey Rink Now Open!!

The Hockey Rink is now open! Don't forget to book your time slot under the programs section!!

Hockey Rink Closed

The NBRA team had to closed the Hockey Rink at 1:04pm on Jan 20th due to the warm weather is causing the ice to melt! A CSR will be in contact with anyone who has booked a time slot for today! We thank you for your understanding and cooperation while we work on getting the rink back up!

Hockey Rink Now Open

Hello New Brighton!! The Hockey Rink & Pleasure Rink are now open! Book your time slot through

Hello New Brighton! Please note that as of Jan 15th at 1:12pm both rinks are currently closed due to the warm weather is causing the top layer of ice to melt! Once we are able to open both rinks we will post on FaceBook and our website!

Both Rinks OPEN

Wonderful news New Brighton, the rinks are now open! Please remember to book your time slot under the programs section of  

Both Rinks CLOSED

Due to the warm weather. The Hockey & Pleasure Rink are closed as of Jan 13th at 1:23pm. If you have booked a time slot today for the rink, you will be contacted shortly by an NBRA staff member! We thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we work on getting the rinks back up!

Pleasure Rink - Closed

Due to the warm weather, the Pleasure Rink is closed as of Jan 11th at 3:15pm. This beautiful weather isn't allowing our floods in between scheduled bookings to freeze causing the top layer to be very slushy. If you have booked a time slot for today a CSR will be contacting you! We thank you for your understanding and cooperation!! Once we are able to safely re-open the rink we will post!!

How to set-up an online account

Would you like to book skating but don't have an online account with the NBRA?   Follow the 3 easy steps below to set-up your account! 1. Call 403-781-6613, ext: 1 or email 2. Include your full name, address & email address. 3. You will receive an email with your temporary password, as soon as your account has been created.  Enjoy!   Creating your own account online will automatically set your account up as a "non-resident" and therefore will not allow you to book skating times (which are for residents only).
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