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Sep 17, 2021

NBRA Covid-19 Update: Restrictions Exemption Program (REP)

Throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic, the New Brighton Residents Association has worked closely within the guidelines of the Alberta Government, the City of Calgary, and AHS to continue to provide services to our customers.  As promised from the beginning; the safety of our residents, neighbors and team continues to guide all of our decisions. With the Government of Alberta’s response to mitigate the province’s Covid-19 situation, our organization has been given the opportunity to implement one of the following two options for indoor usage*: 1. The Restrictions Exemption Program (REP), requiring proof of vaccination or negative rapid test result to continue operating as usual or 2. Implement a series of restrictions which would include canceling indoor adult programs and value-added activities, as well as strict limitations placed on facility rentals. After careful consideration, option 1 is the only viable option for the NBRA as this will ensure that the organization continues to meet the needs of our residents and customers. As per government regulations for the REP, the NBRA will ask for our customers to present one of the following forms of documentation, commencing Monday, September 20, 2021: a) Proof of Negative Test: Tests must be privately-paid Covid-19 PCR or rapid tests completed within 72 hours. Tests must not be from Alberta Health Services or Alberta Precision Laboratories. A negative test will need to be presented each visit to a program, activity or facility rental. b) Proof of Vaccination: Proof of a single dose is considered acceptable as long as the dose was given more than 2 weeks before the time of service. After October 25, 2021 proof of double vaccination is required. c) Document of a Medical Exemption: The note of medical exemption must be provided by a licensed physician. The NBRA will have a team member on-site to validate proof of documentation for participants in programs, value-added activities, and facility rentals. If the documentation is type b) or c), registered program participants will only be required to show the documentation once for the duration of their program session. Value-added program participants, as well as facility rental participants, will be required to show a valid photo ID along with one of the three documents, upon each visit to these activities.  Patrons are also reminded that masks must be worn and physical distance maintained while visiting the NBRA Clubhouse.   If you have any questions or concerns regarding these changes, please feel free to call the NBRA General Manager at 404-781-6608 or email:  The NBRA thanks you in advance for helping to keep our community safe! *Note:  The REP does not apply to outdoor park usage, outdoor programming, and outdoor special events.    

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