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Mar 20, 2019

Wellness Wednesday

Spring Cleaning Safety Checklist Winter’s end brings hope for brighter days and warmer temperatures. Spring also ushers in its own challenges & unique safety issues. There’s a lot more to spring cleaning than vacuuming up the dust mites that accumulated over the cold, dark months of winter. The fresh start of spring is the best time to ensure your home is safe, prepared, and nontoxic for another year. Before you get started: Take It Slow: The first whiff of spring prompts do-it-yourself dynamos to begin beautifying their yards. Digging, planting, mowing, and trimming can be surprisingly strenuous after a winter of inactivity, so minimize your chances of limping back into the house. Stretch before vigorous activity, lift with your legs, use well-maintained tools, and break up heavy loads into multiple trips. Dress the Part: A big part of staying safe is dressing for the part. Depending on the activity you will be participating in, make sure you’re using the proper safety equipment: wear safety goggles, sturdy shoes, and long pants, as well as gloves and ear protection if necessary.   Inside the Home: Replace your Filters: Indoor air can be up to 5x more polluted that outdoor air. Go Green: organic cleaners can minimize the risk associated with toxic cleaners. Test Smoke Detector Batteries: To make sure they are all working right, test each one individually. Check your Carbon Monoxide Detectors: There should be one in each level of the house, batteries should be checked monthly. Clean out the Medicine Cabinet: Dispose or all expired and unused medications. Update your First Aid Kits: replace any missing or expired items. Make sure you have all essentials. Check your Fire Extinguishers: Although they have a life shelf life they do expired if not used. Secure you Home: Don’t leave tools, valuable equipment or other objects laying around.     Outside the Home: Prepare for the Thaw: As snow melts and refreezes, ice can build up in “ice dams” and slide off the roof taking shingles, gas lines or electrical meters with it. Check you Pipes: Turn you sprinklers back on, check for freezing. Get your Yard Ready: Trim back dead trees and shrubs before they can fall and cause injuries and carefully trim back any branches that have grown to close to electrical wiring. Clean out Chimneys and Gutters: This helps to reduce the risk of fire as well as carbon monoxide buildup. Watch out for Pests: These can be bees and other insects, know what to do if you do get stung or bitten. Stay Safe on the Road