Rental Policy

Booking Requirements

There are 4 requirements that must be met in order to secure your booking:

  1. Signature on Rental Contract.
  2. Full payment. Due upon receipt of Rental Contract.
  3. Damage deposit cheque in the amount of $500 made out to New Brighton Residents Association dated for the day of your rental. Pending the rental is clear of contract violations, this cheque will be returned in full between 7-10 business days after completion of the rental.
  4. Insurance information. The New Brighton Resident Association’s insurance policy does not cover private rentals; therefore, we do require liability insurance information from the renter for all rentals.

Non Alcohol Events can use their Home Owners Insurance (Providers Name; Policy number; Expiry Date).

Events with Alcohol must have PAL insurance (or pre-approved equivalent- alcohol liability insurance), which can be obtained by emailing or calling 403-261-3900. Failure to complete the first 3 requirements within 5 business days from the date of contract will result in your booking being cancelled.

Temporary Bookings / Holds

Are not permtted. Bookings are on a first come first served basis.

Advanced Bookings

Residents can book a maximum of 1 year in advance. Bookings for a full year in advance can be booked on the 1st of the month of the previous year.

Non-Residents can book a maximum of 11 months in advance. Bookings for a full 11 months in advance can be booked on the 1st of the month, 11 months prior.

Changes to Rental Agreements

Two weeks written notice is required for all rescheduling/changes. All changes (extending time, room, date, rescheduling or cancelling) must be done in writing. A $20.00 Admin Fee may be applied.


Must be done in writing by emailing If rental is cancelled more than 3 months prior to the rental date, 75% refund of entire booking. If rental is cancelled between 1-3 months prior to the rental date, 50% refund of entire booking. If rental is cancelled less than 1 month prior to the rental date, no refund.

Facility Restrictions

Your group is restricted to the room(s) specified in your rental contract. Your guests are not permitted in the park/other rooms in the New Brighton Clubhouse. Children are not to be left unattended and must remain with your group.

No smoking. The New Brighton Clubhouse is a smoke free environment.


A security fee of $135.00 will apply for all rentals that are booked past 9:30pm.

Renter/Contact Person

The renter or contact person (person whose name resides on the rental agreement) must be in attendance for the entire event. The renter is responsible for their guests and for understanding and adhering to this contract in full.

Noise Bylaw

Please insure that the balcony doors and windows are closed after 10pm and that the music is turned down (as per the City of Calgary Noise Bylaw #M2004). Use of New Brighton Club is restricted to 1:00am and the premises must be vacated immediately.

Music Licensing

Due to the copyright Board of Canada implementing Tariff 5B and Tariff 8, the NBRA is required to collect these fees for all facility rentals playing music during their event. Events with music will have a mandatory fee of $29.81 +GST. Events with music for the purpose of dancing will have a mandatory fee of $59.64 +GST. Please refer to for further questions regarding these fees.

Lift / Elevator

Due to reoccurring issues with the NBRA lift, management has implemented a lift policy. The lift will remain off, unless a request to use it and your needs meet the following criteria:

  • Physical abilities of yourself or a guest require use of it.
  • You have heavy awkward items (must be less then 500lbs at a time).

To have the lift unlocked, please go to the office to find one of our customer service representatives from the hours of 9am – 9pm. From 9pm – 1am, please locate one of our maintenance/security personal who will be in and around the building. Should you or one of your guests not comply with this policy you will be liable for all costs required to fix the lift should it break.


Cooking is not permitted on the premises; however it may be used for storing, heating and serving hot food. The Banquet Room upstairs has access to the kitchen; therefore, it must be shared with any and all other bookings. Our NBRA staff always has access to the kitchen.


You must have a liquor permit and it must be posted in the kitchen for the duration of your rental, or your rental will be shut down. You can purchase a liquor licence at any local liquor store. It is your responsibility to follow the guidelines on your Alcohol Permit. For more information, see Alcohol is only permitted in the room(s) specified on your rental contract.


Only masking tape, painters tape or sticky putty is to be used for any decorating. Absolutely no scotch tape, nails, tacks or staples are permitted. No open flame candles allowed (must be in a secure holder). No smoke/fog machines are permitted. No confetti, rice or bird seed of any kind is allowed on the property. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a penalty.

Set Up and Cleanup

You are responsible for the set up and cleanup of the room, and it must be done within the time frame of your rental. At the end of your function all tables and chairs must be wiped down, all litter must be picked up, put in garbage bags and placed in the outside garbage bins. All decorations must be taken down. Floors must be swept and mopped. Windows and doors closed. Any personal belongings, outside rented equipment or anything provided by caterers, must be removed from the facility at the end of your rental. Absolutely no storage of items are permitted. The damage deposit cheque, pending the rental is clear of contract violations, will be returned in full between 7-10 business days after completion of the rental.

Check Out

Renter must complete a post-rental inspection with a NBRA staff member or security. Failure to complete the inspection will result in a non-contest should any damages be identified and or penalties occurred. Failure to leave at the specified time on your rental agreement will result in a penalty charge.

Non-Compliance Policy

Non-compliance of any rules (including decorations), regulations or cleaning/check out checklist will result in a non-compliance penalty as determined by Management. You will also be suspended from renting one of our rooms for a two year period.


  1. Failure to leave by the time specified will result in a penalty of $50.00 per every 15 minutes. Similarly, should the renter insist on commencing the rental prior to the contract commencement time, the renter will be charged a penalty of $50.00/every 15 minutes.
  2. Cigarette butts found anywhere within the New Brighton Club property (including the parking lot) will result in a $75.00 charge per cigarette butt.
  3. False fire alarms will result in a $250.00 charge plus any additional associated costs.
  4. Damaged chairs will result in an $80.00 charge per chair.
  5. Damaged tables will result in a $400.00 charge per table.
  6. Non-compliance penalty results in a $50.00 fee per hour to cover the extra incurred costs.
  7. All returned cheques will be charged a $50.00 NSF fee.
  8. Failure to complete all cleaning requirements as outlined in this contract, will result in a $500 charge.


NBRA/security personnel has full right to shut down any event if at any time there is any demonstration of unruly, inappropriate, and/or unacceptable behaviour by the renter and/or any of their guests, including children, that cannot be resolved immediately. Police will be called and any future rental(s) will be null and void, without refund.

Management Rights

Management has the right to cancel any rental agreement if it is found out that the rental is to be used for any purpose other than that which it was originally agreed to; or if you have, in any way misrepresented yourself to the New Brighton Residents Association staff in order to obtain the rental. Management also reserves the right to change this contract and pricing without notice.


My name and signature below indicates that I have read and reviewed all the information outlined in my rental agreement and will adhere to the rules and take responsibility for my rental and the behaviours of my guests. I understand that penalties will be charged should these rules not be followed. I acknowledge and agree that I am renting a portion of the New Brighton Residents Association facility entirely of my own free will, and therefore voluntarily assume any and all damages, risk, liability and hazards arising there from. I acknowledge that I am aware that this is a condition of my rental and remove all responsibility from the New Brighton Residents Association.