Spring Clean-Up for Roads

Update on Street Cleaning

The City of Calgary's Spring Clean Up program kicked off on April 20. This year Parking Authorities have changed how they will be issuing the tickets. Tickets will not be issued until the program is completed (July). In response to COVID-19, The City introduced a number of changes to its Spring Clean Up program this year, including not issuing tickets until the end. The City recognizes many people are working from home and that may affect not only the level of awareness, but also the level of compliance with parking bans. So they have introduced a street by street assessment to be conducted once the program is finished. 

Residents can avoid a ticket by ensuring the roadway is cleared, even if they are unable to move their car on the date of the clean. Roads is encouraging residents to sweep up the debris themselves. Streets will be assessed at that time and any roads that are clear (as a result of resident clean up efforts) tickets will not be issued for those locations. 

You can learn more about the changes made to this year's Spring Clean-Up on the City of Calgary website or by clicking the link below for more FAQ's. 


News Date 2020-05-04