All About Fees

As a property owner in the Community of New Brighton you are a member of the New Brighton Residents Association (NBRA).  Benefits of your membership support facilities like the New Brighton Clubhouse, which is enjoyed by New Brighton residents throughout the year during facility rentals, programming, and special events.  Membership also permits the use of the NBRA Park amenities, which include: a hockey rink/basketball courts, a splash park/pleasure skating rink, tennis courts, a beach volleyball court, and a playground structure.  If you have yet to visit, the NBRA team encourages you to take advantage of using this multi-functional facility located in your backyard!  Other benefits of membership include discounted programming for all ages and interests, participation in special events, access to the New Brighton Connect website, and enhanced community maintenance in designated areas. The Association also owns and maintains the Bell Tower amenity, pond fountains, and decorative entry features. 

The NBRA is a not-for-profit organization that manages assets owned by the Association, for the benefit of New Brighton residents. An encumbrance is registered on all property titles in New Brighton in favour of your Association to ensure annual payments are provided in accordance with the Articles of Association. Membership is mandatory and applies to each and every property owner in New Brighton.

Residents of New Brighton are reminded that annual New Brighton Residents Association Fees are due as of April 1, annually.  In these trying economic times, the NBRA Board of Directors has developed a reasonable budget to reduce operating expenses where possible, while still providing high-quality service to all New Brighton residents.  An increase will not be applied to annual fees for the 2023/2024 fiscal year.  It is also noteworthy that, although NBRA annual fees are due the first day of the fiscal year, which is April 1, 2023; residents have a 30 day grace period to settle their account.  Accounts paid on or after May 1, 2023 are subject to interest charges of prime plus 5% per annum and other charges related to the collection of these fees.  

2023/2024 NBRA Fees - Due April 1, 2023

Single Family Homes: $329 + GST = $345.45*

Multi-Family Homes: $246.75 + GST = $259.09*

*No increase from the 2022/2023 Annual Fee amount.  Annual fees have remained the same for 5 consecutive years.

Annual Fee Timeline & Methods of Payment (Starting March 1, 2023)

The NBRA has great compassion and understanding regarding the pressure that the economy can place on many families living within the community.  The NBRA exists to enhance residents' quality of life and desires to make the annual fee process as stress-free as possible for all.  If you are unable to meet the timelines indicated for annual fee payments, please email to make special payment arrangements that will work for your individual circumstances.  Those residents who make special payment plans, will not incur additional late payment charges, so long as the agreement is fulfilled.  The NBRA is here to help make this process as easy as possible for everyone... so please do not hesitate to reach out.

It is each homeowner’s responsibility to ensure that payments are received by the New Brighton Residents Association, in full, by the due dates.  Late payment charges will be applied to each account in arrears until full payment is received.  To view the NBRA Collection Procedures please click HERE. All further questions regarding annual fee payment can be directed to the General Manager at 403-781-6608.

Note:  There will be a $60.00 charge on all returned cheques due to insufficient funds.

NBRA Annual Budget & Reserve Fund

Please click HERE to view the 2023/2024 budget.  To offer further clarification on 2023/2024 Budget, please view the images below.


A Reserve Fund Study provides an inventory and 25-year estimated future replacement/repair costs for all property owned, managed, or otherwise the responsibility of an organization. Typically, the reserve fund is used for items that do not occur annually, as these be would be considered operating expenses. The replacement schedule in combination with the estimated costs is then used to recommend annual contribution levels to a reserve fund to cover future expenses. In June 2014, Clear Path Engineering was contracted to complete an extensive Reserve Fund Study to assist the NBRA in developing an effective plan to establish a reserve fund. Commencing the 2014/2015 fiscal year, the NBRA contributed the majority of their net cash surplus to establish a reserve fund. A second Reserve Fund Study was completed in February 2020, with the following recommended funding plan for the NBRA:

Fiscal Year Suggested Contribution
2021/2022 $100,000 *
2022/2023 $105,000 *
2023/2024 $110,250 *
2024/2025 $115,763

* With choosing to maintain annual fees at the same rate for these years, a smaller reserve fund contribution was made.