Winter Maintenance

NBRA Responsibilities

The New Brighton Residents Association Board of Directors has carefully reviewed the community’s snow removal needs for the 2021/2022 Winter season. Upon careful consideration, the NBRA Board of Directors has selected several high traffic areas which will be maintained by the NBRA maintenance team throughout the Winter months. The NBRA will ensure snow removal, as well as sanding/gravel (within 24 hours of the end of snowfall), of the following areas: all four New Brighton entrances and the regional pathways. To ensure maximum enjoyment for residents, snow removal will be completed on NBRA property before the designated areas within the community (NBRA property includes both the hockey and pleasure skating rinks, all entrances into the facility and shop, as well as the parking lot). Once these areas are complete, the NBRA team will proceed into the community. The map below indicates in detail these areas within the community that will be maintained by the NBRA for the 2021/2022 Winter Season.

To ensure the safety of both residents and employees, the NBRA has implemented an extensive Safety Program which adheres to the standards of the Alberta Safety Construction Association. The program consists of 13 components which contribute to the over all success of the program.  In December 2018, the NBRA received COR certification through the ACSA for this program.  For questions or concerns regarding any landscape/winter maintenance maintained by the New Brighton Residents Association, please contact the Facility & Amenities Leader at 403.781.6613, ext. 4 or the General Manager at 403.781.6608.

City of Calgary Responsibilities

The City of Calgary's responsibilities for winter maintenance within the community of New Brighton are outlined in the map below. Please note: the City does have a tiered propriety list for snow removal in place.

City of Calgary Seven-Day Snow Plan

The City clears snow on select roads, sidewalks and bicycle routes in priority order, as set out in the seven - day snow plan. The snow plan is activated when a snowfall ends. Day 4 starts 78 hours after a snowfall ends. Over the final four days of the snow plan, crews work to make residential roads passable. This means packing down soft snow, levelling out ruts and sanding - salting on through lanes only. The service does not include:

  • Plowing entire street widths, from curb to curb.
  • Plowing down to bare pavement.
  • Removing snow

During days 4-7, hand crews also work to clear steps, walks and bus pads in residential areas. To view the full list click here.

Resident Responsibilities

As an occupant of a New Brighton property with an adjacent sidewalk, it is expected under the City’s bylaws that snow and ice are removed within 24 hours of when the snow stops falling.

The City does provide citizens with free salted gravel to help with ice on public sidewalks, details can be found here.

Please take special note that all Engineered Walkways (the short pathway located between two residential properties with a fence on either side) are maintained by the City of Calgary Roads Department on a complaint basis. Should you have any concerns regarding an Engineered Walkway within the community, please contact 311.

For more information on occupant responsibilities please review the Good Neighbour Practices Reference Guide.

Help a neighbour this year, consider becoming a snow angel. Take an extra few minutes when you are clearing snow and help a neighbour in need!

Know a snow angel? Submit their name to the New Brighton Residents Association by emailing to give them a chance to win one of our monthly draws!!