Summer Maintenance

New Brighton Residents Association Responsibilities

Did you know, that in addition to maintaining the New Brighton Clubhouse Facility & Park, the New Brighton Residents Association (NBRA) also provides enhanced landscape maintenance in several areas within the community? These areas include a contract with the City of Calgary to maintain their New Brighton medians and boulevards during summer months, all four New Brighton Entry Features, the decorative corner on 52nd Street/ McIvor Blvd and the upper level of the Bell Tower Amenity.


  • Maintaining the Bell Tower amenity.
  • Mow, trim, and weed entrances at New Brighton Drive, New Brighton Gate, New Brighton Way, and the middle/North side of New Brighton Ave
  • Planting on the 9 entry features within the community
  • Emptying the 12 blue recycling bins located throughout the community
  • All NBRA park, Clubhouse and parking lot maintenance

To ensure the safety of both residents and employees, the NBRA has implemented an extensive Safety Program which adheres to the standards of the Alberta Safety Construction Association. The program consists of 13 components that contribute to the overall success of the program. In December 2018, the NBRA received COR certification through the ACSA for this program. For questions or concerns regarding any landscape/winter maintenance maintained by the New Brighton Residents Association, please contact the Facility & Amenities Leader at 403.781.6613, ext. 4 or the General Manager at 403.781.6608.

So Who Does What?

The infographic below has been created to help New Brighton residents easily identify ownership of maintenance responsibilities within the community.

City of Calgary Responsibilities

The City of Calgary's responsibilities for summer maintenance within the community of New Brighton are outlined in the map below. In addition, the City of Calgary is responsible for emptying all garbage cans throughout the community.

Resident Responsibilities

As an occupant of a New Brighton property it is expected under the City's bylaws to maintain yards, front lawns, and walkways surrounding the home.

For more information and/or specific details on occupant responsibilities please review the Good Neighbour Practices Reference Guide.