Summer Camps

“Brighton” Up Your Child's Summer!

With the summer months fast approaching, keeping your little ones entertained in a safe, educational and super fun environment, has never been easier with the NBRA's full day summer day camps or half day summer camps! 

The NBRA is offering:

Full Day Summer Camps for children ages 7-10 years (36 kids maximum) running daily from 9am to 4pm;

Full Day Summer Camps for children ages 4-6 years (12 kids maximum) running daily from 9am to 4pm;

And Half Day Summer Camps for children ages 3-4 years (7 kids maximum) running daily from 9am-12pm

Please note children this age must be potty trained.

Each week a new and exciting theme will be available! Complimentary “before care” (8-9am) and “after care” (4-5pm) is also available upon special request.

Directed by experienced childcare leaders: creative snacks, outdoor activities, co-operative games, sports, crafts and special events designed for each theme will fill the days with everlasting memories!

The best news… there is no fear of cancellations too small! Camps will run every day that they are offered. All that you need to do, is register your child early (as camps do fill up quickly), and send your child daily with peanut -free snacks and lunch! We will take care of the rest, making this your simple summer childcare and entertainment solution. 

Registration opens February 13th, 2019.

2019 Themes 

Half Day Camps - 3-4 years 

Mini Chefts (July 2nd - 5th) 

Let’s kick off the summer with some baking fun! Campers will be introduced to baking basics without the use of an oven. Creating and decorating delicious treats that are sure to delight!  

Camp Comic-Con (July 8th-12th) 

Imaginations will soar as campers dive into the magical world of superheroes, comic books, and fantasy fun!  Put on your capes and masks for an adventure of a lifetime!   

Rookie League (July 15th - 19th) 

It’s sports week! Discover the basics of a variety of sports that will have you moving, learning, kicking, running and having fun all week long. 

Junior Explorers (July 22nd - 26th) 

Let’s explore! This week campers will be   introduced to the world of travel, learning about new places, cultures, and traditions. Create your own passport and step into an exciting journey!  

Secret Agents (July 29th - Aug. 2nd) 

Calling all secret agents, there is a mystery at the Clubhouse and we need your help! Join us for a week of clues, stories and imagination as campers solve puzzles that will solve the case! 

George of the Jungle (Aug. 6th - 9th) 

Let’s head to the jungle! Campers will learn and explore the wildlife that lives in the jungle while participating in activities and games designed to teach them about the outdoors, nature and so much more!  

Creative Crayons (Aug. 12th - 16th) 

It’s time to get creative! This week campers will learn about the different forms of art, using different mediums to explore their artistic side. Display your talents with an art show at the end of the week.  

Little Atoms (Aug. 19th - 23rd) 

Calling all curious junior scientists to grab their lab coats and join in the fun. Experiments and discoveries await as campers learn the basics of the scientific world  

Clowning Around (Aug. 26th - 30th) 

Animals, clowns, jugglers, oh my! The excitement never ends when the circus comes to town! Grab your red nose and get ready to clown around!


Full Day Camps - 4-6 years 

Mini Chefts (July 2nd - 5th) 

It’s time to get creating! This week campers will learn the basics of cooking, baking and prepping for meals and snacks. Discovering techniques, reading recipes, gathering and measuring ingredients, enjoying the finished products and creating their own cook books. 

Camp Comic-Con (July 8th-12th) 

Pow! Bang! Wow! Boom! Zap! Children will tap into their inner super powers during this week of superhero fun with mask making, cape design, comic strip creation, and so much more. An action packed adventure that can only be found in New Brighton!

Rookie League (July 15th - 19th) 

You have made the team! Campers will have the opportunity to play in a variety of exciting sports and discover their athletic side in this action packed week ending with an exciting relay race to show off the knowledge and skills learned over the week.    

Junior Explorers (July 22nd - 26th) 

Pack your bags, create your passport and head to the Clubhouse to depart on a weeklong adventure. Campers will travel to far off lands to visit the more exiting destinations. Learning about new cultures, traditions and landmarks! 

Secret Agents (July 29th - Aug. 2nd) 

It’s elementary my dear Watson! The clues have been laid out, the mission is set, are you ready to see what discoveries will be found this week? It’s time to go undercover so grab your magnifying glass and help solve the mystery unraveling at the New Brighton Clubhouse 

George of the Jungle (Aug. 6th - 9th) 

Get your tickets for a daring journey through the jungle! Take part in activities that will have you exploring with wild & exotic animals, experience and discover the natural wonders and connecting with their inner jungle warrior! 

Creative Crayons (Aug. 12th - 16th) 

Grab your paint brush, artistic mind and eagerness to learn it’s time to amaze with your artistic skills! This week explore the world of creativity, design your own beautiful realities with a variety of mediums such as drawing, painting, clay, and chalk.  

Little Atoms (Aug. 19th - 23rd) 

Join in for this fun filled week of discovery! Campers will participate in hands on science experiments, learn about the different types of science, how things work and invent creating of their own design!  

Clowning Around (Aug. 26th - 30th) 

Become the ringmaster of your own circus during this week of non-stop fun under the big top with face painting, bouncing, carnival games, and so much more! Campers will also enjoy an imaginative  circus show hosted by the campers attending


Full Day Camps - 7-10 years 

Master Chefts (July 2nd - 5th) 

Grab your chef’s hat and meet at the Clubhouse, where learning to cook and bake has never been more fun! Campers will design and create the week's menu; learn the basics of measuring ingredients, following the recipes and presentation of the dish plus combine it all into their own cook book! Best part is you get to taste test each creation as it is prepared!! 

Excursion: Local Professional Kitchen 

Super Incredibles (July 8th-12th) 

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s New Brighton’s Super Incredibles! Run, jump, dodge and rescue your way through a week of action packed adventures with your favourite superheroes. Campers will also get the opportunity to meet real-life superheroes this week! Find out what it takes to save the day. 

Excursion: The Fire Hall  

All Star Games (July 15th - 19th) 

It’s the sporting event of the summer! Go head to head in a friendly competition designed to develop and expand camper’s knowledge and skills of a variety of different sports. Children will have the opportunity to show off their athletic sides throughout the week as they kick, dribble, shoot and score their way to victory! 

Excursion: Local Climbing Facility 

Time Travellers (July 22nd - 26th) 

Ever wonder what it’s like to travel through time  to different time periods and places of the world? This week campers have the opportunity to do exactly that! This week will give campers the chance to travel through time periods as well as learn about unique places, cultures and traditions. Make your passports and prepare to be astounded as this is a trip you won’t forget! 

Excursion: Heritage Park 

Mission Possible (July 29th - Aug. 2nd) 

Get your spy bag ready! You have been selected to participate in a top secret mission. Should you choose to join, you’ll get the chance to become a New Brighton secret agent for the week. Solving daily mysteries designed to lead to a successful completion of your mission. 

Excursion:Captivie Kids Escape  

Into the Wild (Aug. 6th - 9th) 

Pick your tribes and complete games, challenges and activities as you learn, explore and overcome the wilderness! In this nature filled week, campers will use all five of their senses while participating in numerous outdoor activities and skill testing challenges. 

Excursion: Calgary Corn Maze 

Colour me Ross (Aug. 12th - 16th) 

Unleash the imagination and connect to your creative side while being introduced to several forms of art! Campers will dive into a world where they can explore, shape and colour with their very own hands, all while discovering their inner artist. Children’s many talents will be displayed in their very own art show at the end of the week. 

Excursion: Colour Me Mine

Crazy Chemists (Aug. 19th - 23rd) 

The labs are ready, experiments laid out, but who will help conduct them? Discover your scientific side during a week filled with invention and creativity. Conduct tests and determine all the fun and exciting ways physics, biology and chemistry shape the world around us.  

Excursion: Telus Spark - Science Centre 

Under the Big Top (Aug. 26th - 30th) 

Run away and join the circus during this exciting week under the big top! Learn how to juggle, make balloon animals, walk a tight rope and  master clowning around! Children will also be sure to impress with their new found skills during the grand finale Big Top Show that friends and family are welcome to attend! 

Excursion: The Calgary Zoo 


NBRA 2019 Summer Day Camp Rates 

"Early Bird" Rate (February 13th to April 2nd, 2019) 

  Full Days Half Days
Residents $170 $70
Brookfield Residents $175 $75
Non-Residents $180 $80

"Ahead of the Game" Rate (April 1st to May 15th, 2019) 

  Full Days Half Days
Residents $190 $80
Brookfield Residents $195 $85
Non-Residents $200 $90

"There's Still Time" Rate (May 16th, 2019 and Onward)  

  Full Days Half Days
Residents $210 $90
Brookfield Residents $215 $95
Non-Residents $220 $100

*Week 1 prices are the same as a full week. Due to the nature of the camp, food is provided.

**Week prices are $30 less, for full days and $15 less, for half days (respectively for each rate), as it is only a 4-day camp, due to Stat holidays.

Payment plans are available for individuals wishing to register one or more children for more than 1 week of the program.

Summer Day Cancellation Policy 

Due to the preparations and supplies required for this program, all cancellations must be made in writing at least 2 weeks before the camp start date.

Please note that a $50 non-refundable deposit applies to all full day camp registrations and a $25 non-refundable deposit applies to all half day camp registrations.

Refunds will not be issued for those individuals who are withdrawing with less than 2 weeks notice.

*Please note all cheque refunds will be subject to a %15.75 admin fee*

*All NSF cheques will receive a $50.00 penalty.