Time Travellers (7-10yrs)

Ever wonder what it’s like to travel through time to different time periods and places of the world? This week campers have the opportunity to do exactly that! This week will give campers the chance to travel through time periods as well as learn about unique places, cultures and traditions. Make your passports and prepare to be astounded as this is a trip you won’t forget!  Monday to Friday from 9am-4pm Resident: $170 Non-Resident: $180 **The NBRA is a High Five recognized facility**
Instructor NBRA
Start Time Monday @ 9:00 am
Program Dates
Jul 22nd, 2019
Jul 23rd, 2019
Jul 24th, 2019
Jul 25th, 2019
Jul 26th, 2019
Location Banquet Room
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