Coyotes in the area

With the coyote sightings in the area the City of Calgary has provided some tips stay safe.

To avoid a negative encounter:
- Don't approach or feed the wildlife.
- Never leave small children unattended.
- Keep dogs on a leash in areas frequented by coyotes (even off leash areas).
- Don't allow cats to roam.

What should you do if a coyote approaches or acts aggressively?:
- Do NOT run or turn away.
- Try to scare the animal by shouting and waving your arms overhead.
- Bang sticks or clap your hands towards to animal to scare it away.
- Maintain eye contact with the animal and back slowly away.

Contact 311 if you are concerned about an overly bold or aggressive coyote. The City staff will investigate and determine the appreciate response.

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News Date 2019-01-03